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Circles of connection.

Here is a collection of the Arizona Council of Grandmothers Newsletters. Since our first year, we have kept the circles of connections going round and round mainly because of those dear souls who endeavored to serve as the newsletter editors. A true labor of love.

These editors have helped "shape a network of women who laughed and played and hugged and prayed and learned to love each other as they shared their truth,... sending their thoughts in articles and poetry. Through the Newsletter and the Gatherings and the small Circles, we have stayed connected."


-Kit Wilson, upon reflection of her tenure as editor


I thank you Earth and Universe for all your miracles and mysteries:
I praise all the miracles of space and lands and waters and airs and the living beings they nurture.
And the intricacies of the cycles and interrelationships of these miracles.
I praise all the mysteries
Of living and dying within this nurturing web of miracles.

In loving memory of founding grandmother, poet and professor Ruth Gardner


organized by editor


NOV 1994- NOV 1996

Ruth Gardner, Founding Grandmother


JUNE 2008

Robbie Lapp, Founding Gulf Coast Grandmother

Circles of connection.

The current cycle of our newsletters has been carried on by our transitional team, lovingly continued recently by past weaver and registrar Shelly Jurmain.


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